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Latest Headlines

Apple issues OS X Yosemite update for Wi-Fi bug

Apple has released an update for OS X Yosemite that claims to improve the reliability of Wi-Fi among other fixes.

New Broadcom chip offers faster 802.11ac performance for smartphones, tablets

Broadcom has announced the availability of a new chip it says is the fastest 802.11ac and Bluetooth combo chip on the market.

Proliferation of BYOD devices prompts Wi-Fi network upgrade at University of Miami

The explosion of BYOD devices on the network and the need for greater mobile network density prompted the University of Miami to make a major upgrade to their Wi-Fi network.

Upcoming iOS 8 to randomize MAC addresses, block Wi-Fi hotspot tracking

An impending feature that is scheduled to arrive with Apple's iOS 8 update will see iOS 8 devices randomizing their MAC, or Media Access Control, address when scanning for Wi-Fi networks.

Plan ahead to prevent Wi-Fi meltdowns

A story of Wi-Fi congestion late last week caught my attention. As reported on  Computerworld,  the courtroom where the ongoing Apple versus Samsung battle is being played out has apparently suffered some technical setbacks--not in the court case, but in a physical system deployed within the room.

Would you share your Internet bandwidth?

Do you find your Internet speed too slow at times, and wish for just a bit more bandwidth to complete that large download just a tad faster? Well, the research and development team at Telefonica have come up with a technology to let you borrow some unused bandwidth from your neighbors to increase the oomph of your own Internet experience.

Younger mobile workers challenge IT to keep up

Expectations of young workers using mobile devices for work are challenging IT to keep up, says a new survey sponsored by Wi-Fi vendor Aruba Networks.

Spotlight: BASF deploys Apprion Wi-Fi system in challenging plant environment

Despite the challenges of deploying Wi-Fi in a manufacturing environment, German chemical firm BASF decided to take the risk and deploy Wi-Fi at its 500 acre site in Freeport, Texas, explained ARC Advisory Group.

The WiFi Pineapple makes it easy to hack wireless devices

The WiFi Pineapple is designed to exploit how most Wi-Fi devices automatically reconnect to wireless access points that they have previously connected to.

Two-thirds of operators have deployed Wi-Fi to meet data service needs, says Analysys Mason

More than two-thirds of operators surveyed by Analysys Mason have deployed Wi-Fi to meet the data consumption and service requirements of their customers, yet most are finding it hard to create a compelling business case for Wi-Fi.