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Latest Headlines

More details about Windows 9 leak as Microsoft announces 'Windows event'

More details have leaked about the upcoming Windows 9 operating system, even as Microsoft announced a September 30 'Windows event.'

Spotlight: Microsoft pulls update after Blue Screen of Death incidents

Microsoft has decided to pull one of its August Patch Tuesday after it caused some users to experience the dreaded Blue Screen of Death, forcing a reboot, explains security researcher Paul Ducklin in a Naked Security blog

Leaked screenshot of 'Windows 9' shows spiffed up Start menu

A screenshot of what appears to be an upcoming version of Windows has purportedly been leaked, casting a spotlight on reports of its imminent return.

Russian leaker says free cloud-based Windows is coming--but will that turn users into product?

A Russian leaker, Wzor, says Windows Cloud, a limited loss leader version to tempt users to subscribe to get the full features, is headed our way soon. While freeware has always been a great tactic in increasing software subscriptions, given how much data is harvested via "free" software and social media services these days, I have to wonder if this move too might turn users from their former categorization as customers into product.

Tech support scams now targeting mobile devices

Mobile device users no longer need to feel left out of tech support scams because they are now being targeted by scammers, says security Jerome Segura in a blog.

Microsoft issues 8 security bulletins, but postpones zero-day fix

This Patch Tuesday, Microsoft is issuing eight security bulletins, including three critical bulletins for vulnerabilities affecting Windows and Internet Explorer, which could enable an attacker to gain control of the vulnerable systems.

Microsoft warns about zero-day hole that impacts Windows, Office and Lync

Microsoft is warning about attackers targeting a zero-day vulnerability in a graphics component that impacts Windows, Office and Lync and issued an interim "Fix-It" workaround until a comprehensive solution is ready.

Gartner analyst: Businesses don't want annual Windows updates

At the crux of the matter is how the Windows desktop "is not changing much" in spite of the faster release cadence that started with Windows 8.

Ten years on, Patch Tuesday still going strong

On the tenth anniversary of Patch Tuesday, Microsoft is providing a full plate of security updates, including four critical and four important bulletins.

Survey: Windows developers lack tools, skills for mobile apps

Expectations for mobile applications are through the roof.