Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Apple's iPads on a roller coaster ride in the enterprise

Apple's iPads have been on a roller coaster ride in the enterprise this year, according to Good data.

Microsoft surprises with strong Surface tablet showing

While Apple invented the tablet category, it looks like Microsoft has figured out how to monetize it.

Researcher defeats BitLocker on enterprise-authenticated laptops

Researchers demonstrated at the Black Hat Europe security conference Friday a method for breaking into a BitLocker-protected laptop using a decade-old logic flaw in Windows.

Some Windows users report crashes after security patch earlier this week

Some Windows users have complained about the Outlook desktop client crashing soon after the release of Microsoft's latest Patch Tuesday update earlier this week.

Okta updates mobility management platform, adds support for Android for Work, PCs and Macs

In an effort to make its mobility management platform more IT friendly, enterprise mobility and identity management firm Okta is updating the platform to add support for Android for Work, PCs running Windows, and Apple Macs as well as launching a new set of device provisioning capabilities.

At IBM, 5% of Mac users need help desk support, compared to 40% of PC users

IBM has successfully deployed 130,000 iOS and Mac devices within the company, supported by 24 help desk staff members, an IBM executive said. The company deploys 1,900 Macs to employees each week. 

Experts urge users to apply Microsoft's latest Patch Tuesday fixes quickly

Microsoft published just six security bulletins on Patch Tuesday, resolving a total of 33 individual vulnerabilities. However, with three of these bulletins pegged as critical and the fact that they pertain to the most commonly used versions of Office and Windows, security experts are advising users to apply them as soon as possible.

New Moker RAT can bypass security measures, take control of devices

A new remote access tool, dubbed Moker by the researchers who discovered it, can disable security measures and take complete control of a victim's computer.

Skype Translator comes to Skype for Windows

Microsoft is bringing its Skype Translator technology directly into the Skype app on Windows, making good on its promise in June that it would do so, but not by its self-imposed end-of-summer deadline.

Zero-day hole in WinRAR requires complicated phishing attack, says Symantec

The zero-day vulnerability in WinRAR, which could put millions of Windows users at risk, requires a complicated phishing attack that limits its exploit potential, concluded an analysis by the Symantec Security Response team.