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Latest Headlines

New PC add-ons from Japan's Mouse Computer bring Windows Hello to any Windows 10 PC

Finally, anyone with Windows 10 will be able to take advantage of Windows Hello with a simple addition to their computer.

Zero-day Windows vulnerability goes on sale for $90,000

A zero-day vulnerability potentially affecting all Windows operating system versions 2000 and up is currently retailing for $90,000, security blogger Brian Krebs reported Tuesday.

IT admins can no longer limit access to Windows Store for Windows 10 Pro users

IT admins can no longer block employees running Windows 10 Pro from accessing Windows Store, Microsoft's app store for Windows devices, as a result of changes instituted last month, ZDNet reported on Wednesday.

Spotlight: Windows 10 user share to hit 20% by June

Windows 10 is expected to account for 20 percent of all Windows desktops by the end of June, according to data from Net Applications.

TL;DR: Save yourself a headache and uninstall QuickTime for Windows ASAP

Security firm Trend Micro is recommending that Apple's QuickTime for Windows be uninstalled as soon as possible.

Chrome support ends for Windows XP and Vista, older versions of Apple OS X

Google has released Chrome 50 and kept its promise to end support for Microsoft's Windows XP and Vista, along with older editions of Apple's OS X. For users of older operating systems, it's not just a matter of not keeping up with the browser Joneses but a matter of leaving systems that are much more vulnerable to attacks. 

Don't want an auto-update to Windows 10? Never10 app has you covered

The free tool is the handiwork of Steve Gibson, a renowned software developer and the man behind Gibson Research, ZDNet reported today. According to Gibson, Never10 doesn't install any software onto your machine. All it does is work its update-blocking magic.

Microsoft issues bug fixes for Windows 10

Friday afternoon, Microsoft gave Windows Insiders in the Fast ring a new build of Windows 10 for PCs and smartphones. The release included a number of long-awaited bug fixes.

Save the date: Windows, Samba to announce serious security bug on April 12

On Tuesday, April 12, Microsoft and Samba engineers will issue a patch needed to fix what the team is calling a "critical security bug."

Windows users getting unwanted prompts and upgrades to Windows 10

Reports of an excess of unwanted Windows 10 upgrades have popped up over the past week, an article at CIO noted. However, it's not only Microsoft that is to blame. Apparently, according to an analyst from the Directions on Microsoft, users should take some time looking in the mirror too.