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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Adobe, Microsoft join forces to optimize CC software suite for Windows 8 touch devices

Adobe announced that it would build support for touch into Windows 8 apps.

As Windows XP support deadline approaches, security concerns mount

As the end of Microsoft support for Windows XP nears, enterprises that have yet to transition to another version of Windows could face increasing security risks

Ultra-portable PC shipments doubled last year, says ABI

Ultra-portable PC shipments doubled in 2013, reaching 22.5 million units or 12 percent of the total notebook PC shipments, according to ABI Research stats.

Microsoft to extend anti-malware protection for Windows XP users

Microsoft is extending anti-malware protection for Windows XP users beyond its April 8 deadline for supporting the operating system to July 14, 2015.

Enterprises need to retire Windows XP now

A new Microsoft report finds that malware infection rates are six times higher for Windows XP users than Windows 8 users. With the end of XP support looming next April, it is time for IT managers to retire Windows XP and upgrade to at least Windows 7.

Gartner analyst: Businesses don't want annual Windows updates

At the crux of the matter is how the Windows desktop "is not changing much" in spite of the faster release cadence that started with Windows 8.

Firefox for Android Beta adds guest browsing, new customization options

Mozilla released the latest update of its Firefox for Android Beta browser, highlighted by a new guest browsing option enabling users to share their smartphone or tablet with others.

NSA makes a Bullrun around Clipper Chip defeat

The latest revelations about NSA snooping show how much the agency has penetrated commercial communications and the systems that companies use to conduct business-- systems that they presumed to be secure (at least the firms not cooperating directly with the NSA). Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Report: Windows 8.1 is finally ready

Windows 8.1 has been RTM, or Released to Manufacturing.

Microsoft's mobile missteps contributed to Ballmer's resignation, say analysts

Steve Ballmer's decision to step down as CEO of Microsoft was likely motivated by a series of Microsoft missteps, including missteps in the mobile arena, judged a number of analysts.