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Latest Headlines

Microsoft releases complete list of improvements to Windows 8.1 in 'August Update'

Microsoft released a long list of tweaks and features that it rolled out in its August 2014 update for Windows 8.1.

Businesses get 3-month reprieve from Windows 8.1 Update

The Windows 8.1 Update migration deadline for businesses has been extended by three months. As reported previously, businesses running on Windows 8.1 had until May 13 this year to upgrade to the just...

Rugged mobile devices facing tough times

Rugged mobile devices are essential for difficult work environments, such as manufacturing plants, oil and gas rigs or military battlefields. But rugged devices are facing increasing pressure from consumer-grade devices, which are gaining greater acceptance among mobile field workers.

What's more important for Lync: the 'Metro' app, or interop?

In the latest of a handful of updates to its "Modern"-style app for Windows 8.1, Microsoft finally added one feature that it probably should have included from the beginning: a way to start an impromptu meeting without scheduling it first. Now, a company called Pexip is taking the idea a step further.

Spotlight: Cheap Windows devices get cheaper

Why Microsoft is cutting prices even further and possible reasons why...

News Bytes: Lenovo's BlackBerry bid to face scrutiny; Apple to unveil Retina iPad mini; more

Check out the hottest mobile IT stories for Monday, 10/21.

Spotlight: Microsoft Windows 8.1 is now available

Microsoft released Windows 8.1 for digital download yesterday, which will ship on physical DVDs and PC systems on October 18. 

Gartner analyst: Businesses don't want annual Windows updates

At the crux of the matter is how the Windows desktop "is not changing much" in spite of the faster release cadence that started with Windows 8.

Spotlight: StartIsGone removes Windows 8.1 Start button

As its name suggests, the StartIsGone is a simple utility that removes the Start Button from Windows 8.1.

More than 2M downloads of Windows 8.1 RTM in 24 hours

There have been more than 2 million downloads of Windows 8.1 RTM, or Released to Manufacturing, in the first 24 hours that it was made available to professionals and developers.