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Latest Headlines

One-third of Windows Phone 8 smartphones not ready for Windows 10 Mobile

One-third of Lumia smartphones sold in the U.S. market don't run the Denim software needed to upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile, according to a PCWorld report.

Microsoft muffed mobile, doesn't want to make 'same mistake' again, says Nadella

Microsoft blew the mobile opportunity and does not want to make the "same mistake" in other areas, such as wearables, CEO Satya Nadella told ZDNet in an interview at the Worldwide Partner Conference this week in Orlando.

Microsoft releases latest Windows 10 Mobile build

Microsoft released on Tuesday the latest version of its Windows 10 Mobile build (10136) for Windows Insiders. Redmond is only offering the build to phones running Windows Phone 8.1 and users who have opted into the Windows Insider Fast ring.

Dropbox takes big steps on its journey to enterprise acceptance

Dropbox took a number of steps this week on its road to attract enterprise customers.

Microsoft's Continuum designed to make smartphones a less frustrating work tool

While smartphones are super portable, they have never been ideal tools for work-related tasks beyond checking email and texting. Well Microsoft wants to change that with the launch of Continuum for mobile phones running Windows 10 at its Build conference this week.

Windows 10 preview for phones has glitchy, bug-filled apps

As expected, Microsoft released on Friday another build of its Windows 10 Technical Preview for phones. Based on the bugs already identified by Microsoft and ones uncovered by Bright, Redmond still has a long way to go to fulfill on its promise of universal apps.

Spotlight: New Windows 10 technical preview for phones coming Friday

Microsoft plans to unveil the next Windows 10 technical preview for phones on Friday, announced Gabriel Aul, point man for Microsoft's Windows 10 technical preview program.

When it comes to mobility, SMBs go upscale

While small and medium-sized businesses might be pinching pennies in other areas, they are opting for the pricey iPhone when it comes to smartphones.

Microsoft releases first build of Windows 10 technical preview for phones

Microsoft on Thursday released the first build of Windows 10 technical preview for phones. The technical preview is initially available only for Windows Phone models Lumia 630, 635, 636, 638, 730, and 830.

Dropbox releases mobile app for Windows smartphones, tablets

As part of its partnership with Microsoft, Dropbox has released an app for Windows smartphones and tablets.