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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Microsoft updates Facebook for Windows Phone 8 to solve crashing issue

An updated version of Facebook for Microsoft's Windows Phone promises to solve an issue triggering crashes for many users.

Skype for Windows Phone 8 exits beta, Messenger notifications now on by default

Microsoft released the latest version of its Skype voice and messaging application for Windows Phone 8 devices, dropping the beta preview tag attached to previous versions of the service.

Report: Microsoft restoring FM radio support with next Windows Phone 8 update

Microsoft is preparing a new Windows Phone 8 mobile operating system update that will restore FM radio hardware support, The Verge reports.

Pandora expands to Windows Phone 8, vows ad-free music through 2013

Pandora Media is extending its digital music platform to devices running Microsoft's Windows Phone 8, pledging an uncapped mobile listening experience throughout the remainder of this year.

Microsoft targets mid-2014 to terminate Windows Phone 8, 7.8 support

Microsoft will end support for its Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 7.8 mobile operating systems in mid-2014.

Report: Microsoft targeting late 2013 for next Windows Phone overhaul

A new Microsoft job posting indicates the company plans to introduce the next major release of its Windows Phone mobile operating system in late 2013.

Microsoft to make Lync 2013 mobile apps available in coming months

Microsoft will make Lync 2013 mobile apps available for Windows Phone 8 and iOS devices in early March, and will have mobile apps for Android the following month.

Rhapsody adds offline playback with Windows Phone 8 update

Rhapsody is rolling out a revamped version of its on-demand digital music app for Microsoft's Windows Phone operating system, debuting a series of new features and enhancements.

BlackBerry 10's delay loosens firm's 'tight grip on enterprise users', says IDC

Because of the delay in launching BlackBerry 10, the company's "tight grip on enterprise users has loosened and its popularity within emerging markets has been diminished by the competition," said research firm IDC.

Spotify expands streaming music app to Windows Phone 8

Spotify is rolling out a version of its streaming music service optimized for Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 operating system. Spotify was previously available for devices running Windows Phone 7, but  The Verge  notes that version of the app leveraged native code thanks to an exception from Microsoft, and was never ported to WP8's new codebase.