Windows Phone 8

Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Apple plugs 4 security holes in its new iOS 6

Apple has fixed four critical security holes in its iOS 6 operating system, which runs the new iPhone 5, as well as the latest versions of iPad and iPod Touch.

Microsoft mulls building its own Windows Phones

Microsoft is considering building its own Windows Phone 8 smartphones, which would directly compete with its handset partners Nokia, Samsung and HTC, according to a report by the Wall Street Journal.

Windows Phone 8's Office suite designed to attract mobile workers

In an effort to make Windows Phone 8 more attractive to mobile workers, Microsoft has pre-installed a mobile version of its ubiquitous Office software on the new phone.

Gameloft ports 12 Xbox titles to Microsoft's Windows Phone 8

Gameloft will adapt a dozen of its most popular titles for Microsoft's Xbox platform to run on the software maker's new Windows Phone 8 mobile operating system.

Can Windows Phone 8 lift Microsoft, save Nokia?

With the release of Windows Phone 8 on Monday, Microsoft is hoping that the new mobile operating system will spur sales of the devices both among consumers and employees who bring their devices to work.

Microsoft introduces Windows Phone 8 content syncing app

With its new Windows Phone 8 mobile operating system slated to launch Monday, Microsoft has released a new companion application enabling users to synchronize their smartphones with PCs running the just-released Windows 8 desktop platform.

Microsoft building Xbox Music apps for iOS, Android

Microsoft will introduce its new Xbox Music on Oct. 26, initially targeting Xbox 360 consoles before expanding the streaming service to tablets and PCs running Windows 8 and Windows RT, as well as smartphones powered by the forthcoming Windows Phone 8.

Spotlight: Don't forget about the Windows Phone 8

With all the hoopla over the launch of iPhone 5, the introduction this week of Windows Phone 8X and 8S got short shrift. But the new Windows phones have a number of features that should attract enterprise users.

Report: Microsoft struggling to keep Windows Phone 8 release on schedule

Microsoft reportedly is working overtime to keep its new Windows Phone 8 overhaul on schedule, collaborating closely with carriers to guarantee that devices running the new mobile operating system reach stores in advance of the holiday shopping season.

Microsoft bolsters Windows Phone 8 with new photo features

Microsoft unveiled a series of new features integrated into its forthcoming Windows Phone 8 operating system update.