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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Microsoft could be gearing up to push Windows on ARM this year

A new Microsoft job posting offers the tantalizing possibility that Microsoft is still looking to bring Windows onto ARM.

Windows RT gets promised upgrade

As promised, Microsoft is offering an update to those few remaining Windows RT users.

Windows RT actually will get an update. Barely.

A week and a half after the official roll out of Windows 10, Microsoft updated its Windows 10 Q&A to note that Windows RT will get some very minor updates. 

Dropbox releases mobile app for Windows smartphones, tablets

As part of its partnership with Microsoft, Dropbox has released an app for Windows smartphones and tablets.

News Scan: What's up with Windows Phone 8.1?; iAnywhere, anyone?; more

Quick rundown on the latest mobile IT news for Wed, Feb. 12 including: leaks from the rumor mill on Windows Phone 8.1, the possibility of converged computing platform iAnywhere that combines PC and mobile device functionality, the different keys to success for Android and iOS-powered smartphones, how mobility is changing the workplace landscape and (thank goodness) Taco Bell's new mobile-ordering app.

Microsoft vows common apps, developer tools across all Windows platforms

Microsoft's Windows Phone Corporate Vice President Terry Myerson promised the company will introduce common applications and developer tools across its Windows Phone and Windows platforms.

IDC: Android trumps iPad as tablet market growth slows

Worldwide tablet shipment growth slowed significantly in the second quarter of 2013, with total volumes plummeting 9.7 percent quarter-over-quarter, research firm IDC reports. Vendors still shipped 45.1 million units during the period, however, increasing 59.6 percent over the same quarter in 2012.

Android thrashes Apple's iPad with 67% share of global tablet market

Worldwide tablet shipments topped 51.7 million units during the second quarter of 2013, up 43 percent from 36.1 million a year ago, research firm Strategy Analytics reports.

Acer cancels plans to offer tablet running current version of Windows RT

Acer has decided not to offer a tablet running the current version of Windows RT, Jim Wong, Acer's president, told InfoWorld in an interview on Friday.

Report: Microsoft Office for Android, iOS in limbo until fall 2014

An alleged Microsoft product roadmap obtained by ZDNet indicates the company does not plan to expand its Office productivity suite to devices running Google's Android and Apple's iOS until the fall of 2014.