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Latest Headlines

News Scan: BYOD could solve Windows XP problem; Google puts kibosh on Android/Windows tablet; more

Quick rundown on the latest mobile IT news for Friday, 3/7 including: how BYOD could help the enterprise Windows XP upgrade, 200 exabytes of mobile data traffic in the next five years, tool allows hackers to add malicious code to Android apps, increased Wi-Fi risks in Europe and Google's possible hand in the drop of the Android/Windows tablet by Asus.

Choosing your BYOD devices really boils down to support

You have to provide training in the devices and operating systems that your company needs, and this goes beyond smartphones and tablets.

Chinese company reveals Windows XP smartphone

Chinese company In Technology Group said it has created a smartphone that runs Windows XP. The company said the device, called the XPPhone, is the first to blend smartphone, PC and mobile Internet

Microsoft to offer crippled version of Windows 7 for netbooks

Microsoft has confirmed that it will artificially limit the number of simultaneous applications that users will be able to run on the Starter Edition of Windows 7 to just three. Windows 7 Starter

Microsoft: Majority of consumers buying Windows-based netbooks

Despite the cost advantages that netbooks offer to rival operating systems--such as the open-sourced Linux--Microsoft appears to be successfully dominating this relatively new niche. Indeed, the

New Atom chips due as early as next month

If everything goes according to plan, Intel will launch its first dual-core Atom processor next month. This revelation was made by an Intel employee to a CNET reporter, even as senior vice president

Microsoft to extend Windows XP for nettops as well

Microsoft will extend the availability of its die-hard Windows XP operating system to manufacturers of ultra low-cost PCs, aka nettops. Not surprisingly, Microsoft's corporate vice president of

Intel shows off new Atom processors

Intel has announced the availability of two Atom processors at the Computex 2008 conference in Taiwan this week. The Atom N270 processor is targeted at low-cost notebooks while the Atom 230 is