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Wireless is bright spot in an otherwise gloomy semiconductor market

Wireless was a bright spot in an otherwise gloomy semiconductor market last year, growing almost 4 percent to more than $56 billion, while total semiconductor revenue fell 2 percent to $347 billion, according to the latest stats from market research firm IHS Technology.

Google reportedly testing drones to deliver 5G wireless

Google is reportedly testing solar-powered drones for the purpose of delivering high-speed Internet from the skies, the Guardian said in a report on Friday. The tests are apparently taking place at Spaceport America in New Mexico.

News Scan: Google could unveil new wireless service tomorrow; Apple Pay outpacing PayPal among mobile users; More

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For tomorrow's workplace, nonmobile is not an option

Today's workers might not be able to see clearly what the office of the future will look like, but two things are for sure--it will be wireless and it will be mobile.

Google plans 180 satellite fleet for $1B to provide Internet connectivity to underdeveloped regions

In a move with the potential to revolutionize the way many people access the Internet, sources at Google have revealed plans to launch a fleet of 180 satellites that would provide networking services to areas with low levels of connectivity. The plan would cost $1 billion--or more--and could be the first step in a greater effort to create a far-reaching satellite network.

Intriguing wireless CEO quotes of 2012

FierceWireless  has compiled a list of some of the most memorable quotes from wireless industry executives of the past year. Your mission is to match up the quote to the correct executive who is responsible for saying it.

The worst wireless blunders of all time

FierceWireless  decided to delve into the archives to uncover the top five biggest blunders in the wireless industry.

Grading the top 10 U.S. carriers during Q2 2012

As the second-quarter reporting season comes to a close, it's time for  FierceWireless  to start parsing the information to see which carriers slipped and which managed to get ahead. 

Who were the winners and losers of Mobile World Congress 2012?

Moving the annual Mobile World Congress trade show to late February vs. mid-February was a wise move by the GSMA. Not only was the weather in Barcelona spectacular (warm and sunny), but attendees and