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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: Fortinet closes $44M purchase of enterprise Wi-Fi firm Meru

Following up on its agreement announced in May, security firm Fortinet has closed its purchase of enterprise Wi-Fi firm Meru Networks for $44 million.

Hospital CIOs struggle with BYOD, Internet of Things

The BYOD and Internet of Things trends are creating security headaches for hospital CIOs, laments Andrew Litt, chief medical officer at Dell's healthcare solutions, in a Computerworld blog post.

Infonetics: Cisco maintains lead over Ruckus, Ericsson in carrier Wi-Fi market

Cisco is the top vendor supplying Wi-Fi equipment to carriers, followed by Ruckus Wireless and Ericsson, according to the latest stats from Infonetics Research.

BYOD and Wi-Fi: Conflict or confluence?

BYOD is threatening to overwhelm enterprise's Wi-Fi networks. Enteprises are scrambling to deploy additional W-Fi infrastructure, while effectively managing the Wi-Fi networks they have. What is an IT manager to do?

Virtualized WLAN boosts scalability, reduces costs, says ADTRAN

ADTRAN has developed a virtualized wireless local access network that replaces the physical controller with a hypervisor that manages the wireless access points virtually, explained Chris Koeneman, vice president of sales for ADTRAN's BlueSocket enterprise networks division.