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Latest Headlines

Mobile device use spurs carrier investment in small cells, Wi-Fi hotspots

Mobile device use is spurring investment by wireless carriers in small cells and Wi-Fi hotspots, says ABI Research.

Fair is fair, regardless of technology

I find CTIA's argument that wireless faces unique challenges that preclude equal treatment under the net neutrality rules unconvincing. As I've argued in this column before, it is reasonable to treat wireless and wireless carriers the same when it comes to net neutrality rules. Fair treatment is fair treatment, regardless of technology.--Fred

Time to rethink 'universal service' in a mobile world

Since the 1996 act, the mobile world has exploded and phone services is available coast to coast. I agree with CTIA that the whole idea of universal service needs to be rethought in the second decade of the 21st century.

M2M pits wireless carriers against former MVNO partners

To compete with wireless carriers in the machine-to-machine space, mobile virtual network operators are providing more value-added services to their enterprise customers, observes Kathryn Weldon, principal analyst for enterprise mobility at Current Analysis.

Markey takes on NSA over mobile phone record requests

Edward Markey, the newly minted Democratic senator from Massachusetts, is wasting no time in taking on the National Security Agency and its surveillance program.

M2M firm RACO Wireless adds Sprint,Telefonica to wireless carrier stable

RACO Wireless, a machine-to-machine communications firm, has added Sprint Nextel and Telefonica to its stable of wireless carriers to provide connectivity for its M2M products, the company announced this week in a blog.

Grading the top 10 U.S. carriers in the first quarter of 2012

As the first-quarter reporting season comes to a close, it's time to start parsing the information to see which carriers slipped and which managed to get ahead. FierceWireless charts the top U.S.

NTIA report calls for repurposing 95 MHz of spectrum for wireless broadband

The National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) has released a report proposing that a huge swath of spectrum ranging from 1755 to 1850 MHz, which is just below bands used by

Is drip-casting the future of mobile video delivery?

Mobile operators are exploring drip-casting--a process that sends multimedia content to devices at off-peak hours or by leveraging network routes with little traffic--as a potential solution to