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Latest Headlines

Wi-Fi Alliance unveils Wi-Fi solution tailored for IoT devices

The Wi-Fi Alliance on Monday launched a low power, long range Wi-Fi HaLow solution specifically designed for Internet of Things devices.

Smart meters: It's not just for electricity anymore

More and more water companies and utilities are using smart meters to do the same for water use. The drought in California has prompted the Long Beach Water Department to deploy smart water meters to monitor the use of water by residents and businesses in the community, according to a report by Wired.

Wireless connectivity should be first choice of IoT device makers, says center

While some Internet of Things applications require wireless connectivity, such as fleet management and drone use, not all IoT devices have wireless connectivity. But they should, according to the Wireless Research Center of North Carolina.

Surging demand for wireless connectivity fuels chipset shipments, says ABI

The increasing demand for wireless connectivity is fueling shipments of wireless chipsets, which ABI Research forecasts will reach nine billion units in 2019.

Commercial vehicle telematics market to top $11.2B in 2014, says Visiongain

The commercial vehicle telematics market is forecast by Visiongain to reach $11.2 billion this year.

Elusive tablet PC a touch away

The faster you buy some great new technology, the sooner it gets pushed aside for something faster and better. But in the case of tablet computers, IT executives have been waiting and waiting for the

Appliances, appliances everywhere

Today's network managers are inundated by dozens or even hundreds of appliances across data centers and branch offices, but sometimes, the sheer number of these specialized devices can create a

Will the iPhone be IT's Achilles Heel?

Apple's iPhone wasn't intended to be an enterprise device, but there is no doubt that employees will start bringing WiFi-enabled smartphones into the corporate setting, using them for work-related

Wireless connectivity can breed wireless insecurity

Wireless connectivity is a fact of life in today's corporate world, but leaving wireless devices connected indiscriminately and unchecked can expose your organization's confidential data and

Wireless connectivity has come a long way

Wireless connectivity is unquestionably a part of today's working world, but how does it fit in your wired infrastructure? And where does it fail to provide what your IT professionals need? If you