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Latest Headlines

Internet of Things will be a key enabler of the digital business of the future

The Internet of Things, in which billions of smart devices and objects communicate through wired and wireless infrastructure, will be a key enabler for digital business of the future, says Gartner.

Numerex provides M2M solution for Wal-Mart

Numerex worked with Wal-Mart to solve a problem with the supply of bananas to its Supercenters using machine-to-machine communications, said Jeff Smith, chief technology officer of Numerex.

4G LTE equipment revenues predicted to increase 13 percent per year

Next-generation 4G LTE equipment revenues are predicted to increase at a 13 percent compound annual growth rate, while legacy WCDMA equipment revenues will contract by 5 percent, according to the latest research by Visiongain.

Carrier Wi-Fi gear shipments to rise 84 percent this year, says Ovum

Carrier Wi-Fi equipment shipments are expected to grow by 84 percent this year and continue double-digit growth through 2017, predicts Ovum research.

East Coast wireless service, infrastructure slowly recover from Sandy

Wireless communications carriers and infrastructure all along the East Coast are still recovering from the devastation wreaked by Hurricane Sandy, which slammed into the area earlier this week.

Giving wireless infrastructure some GaAs

Gallium arsenide device revenue in wireless infrastructure is predicted to grow at a 12 percent compound annual growth rate, reaching $348 million in 2016, according to the latest report from Strategy Analytics.

Firms consider telework plans as pandemic concerns grow

The current outbreak of swine flu is poised to worsen, and companies are grappling with the possibility that employees might be forced to work offsite or from home. Businesses that are not prepared

Eight long hours

Everyone, it seems, noticed that during Hurricane Katrina, the cell phone system was gone with the wind (and the waves). In response to the experience of Katrina and a number of other natural and

Newest 3G: WiMAX

It's a common question that works to slow down adoption of new technology: Will the technology be adopted and become standard? In the case of

700 Mhz auction delayed

If the 700 Mhz wireless segment is half as active after it officially exists as it is now, there are