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Infographic: Is bad phone behavior undermining workplace communication?

Mobile technology has introduced a revolution in worker productivity and efficiency. But are bad behaviors by employees undermining mobility's potential in the enterprise?

Does BYOD improve worker productivity?

One of the hotly debated issues around BYOD is whether it improves worker productivity or not. A recent survey of 566 executives and professionals by cloud services firm Evolve IP indicates that BYOD does improve productivity. I would agree.

Transportation firms adopt mobile apps to reduce cost, increase productivity

The transportation sector is increasingly using mobile apps to reduce costs and improve worker productivity, customer engagement and brand loyalty, according to a report by FeedHenry and VDC.

A majority of IT pros are frustrated with their current BYOD security product, survey says

A majority of IT professionals said their companies are dissatisfied with their current BYOD security product and want to replace it, according to a survey of 895 IT and IT security professionals by the Ponemon Institute on behalf of email security firm Zix Corp.

Poor Wi-Fi coverage lowering mobile worker productivity, iPass survey finds

Around 41 percent of workers said lack of wireless coverage renders them unproductive at least 10 percent of their workday, which equates to 251 lost hours per year per worker, according to a survey of 1,150 mobile enterprise workers by Wi-Fi provider iPass.

Tablets and the cotton gin: Revolutionizing worker productivity

Comparing them to the cotton gin, Forrester Research analyst J.P. Gownder said that tablets are revolutionizing worker productivity.

Intel sees 5 million hours in productivity gains through BYOD program

While struggling to expand its position in the mobile chip market, Intel has had success on the mobile front within its own organization through its BYOD program, according to the chip maker's "2012-2013 IT Performance Report."

Are tablets a productivity enhancer or a distraction?

Are all those tablets improving productivity or just a flashy distraction for employees?

Zappos spreads happiness to speed app development

Zappos, the online shoe-selling behemoth, markets itself as being in the business of delivering happiness, and apparently the company practices what it preaches.

Four tactical errors in training new employees

Training can be a crucial step in determining the success or failure of new IT employees, and yet it is often done wrong, according to Tony Bower, editor at TechRepublic. Bower takes aim at four