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Latest Headlines

Poor Wi-Fi coverage lowering mobile worker productivity, iPass survey finds

Around 41 percent of workers said lack of wireless coverage renders them unproductive at least 10 percent of their workday, which equates to 251 lost hours per year per worker, according to a survey of 1,150 mobile enterprise workers by Wi-Fi provider iPass.

Tablets and the cotton gin: Revolutionizing worker productivity

Comparing them to the cotton gin, Forrester Research analyst J.P. Gownder said that tablets are revolutionizing worker productivity.

Intel sees 5 million hours in productivity gains through BYOD program

While struggling to expand its position in the mobile chip market, Intel has had success on the mobile front within its own organization through its BYOD program, according to the chip maker's "2012-2013 IT Performance Report."

Are tablets a productivity enhancer or a distraction?

Are all those tablets improving productivity or just a flashy distraction for employees?

Report: Marginal increase in data access results in billions of revenue for Fortune 1000 companies

Plenty of anecdotal evidence exists that indicates the addition of mobile access to corporate data offers up costs savings and boosts worker productivity, but no one has ever figured out the link

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The other risk mobile devices bring into play With the advent of winter, flu season and the inevitable cold that's bound to hit all of us in the next few months, it's not a bad

Best practices for rolling out mobile field technologies

Enterprises already know that mobile field deployments have a big pay off. Aberdeen Research has documented out the benefits in a recent report: a 27% increase in worker productivity, 19% boost in

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I received a press release this morning about wireless operators offering child-tracking capabilities via the mobile phone. For example, the second largest mobile operator, Verizon Wireless, offers