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Latest Headlines

Portals take usable focus

On-device portals (ODPs) may not be part of your everyday mobile vocabulary, but the odds are pretty good

Telefonica adding Yahoo mobile search

Yahoo announced its largest mobile search deal to date, inking an agreement with Telefonica to provide search services to the operator's 100 million-plus subscribers cellphone across Europe and Latin

SPOTLIGHT: Adding ads

Yahoo acquires ad-funded mobile content firm Actionality. Article

Choosing a search tool

There are so many enterprise search tools on the market--some free--that it can be hard to find the right one for your company. One option is the free, downloadable enterprise search software

Google and Yahoo fight over phones

Google and Yahoo are making deals with carriers and handheld equipment manufacturers to bundle search capabilities and email clients into a new generation of mobile handsets. Their push into

QUICKLINKS: Why the iPhone isn't a big threat to the BlackBerry; Yahoo has big plans to be 'the' mobile portal; Much more...

Why the iPhone isn't a big threat to the BlackBerry. Article Yahoo has big plans to be 'the' mobile portal.

Yahoo announces revamped mobile search

Also at CES, Yahoo introduced the beta version of its Yahoo Go for Mobile 2.0 search application, created to offer consumers faster and more specific answers to their handset queries. Features

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> Vista and Longhorn Server: So happy together. Article > We all saw it coming: A huge reorganization at Yahoo sees the COO on his way out. Article > Adobe Reader 8.0 for OS X is now available. Article > Feel …

Yahoo adds graphics to mobile ads

A month after launching its sponsored mobile search service, Yahoo announced today plans to

SPOTLIGHT: Mobile social networking

Yahoo's Mitch Lazar, VP of biz dev for the Connected Life social networking initiative, says… well, actually very little in this Q&A about the potential for mobile blog communities.