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Latest Headlines

News Scan: Mobile devices spur French e-commerce; Apple's enterprise presence grows; more

Quick takes on the latest mobile IT news for Friday, 1/10 including: poll results for e-commerce in France show an increase in online shopping, Apple's climb in enterprise and government spending, Yahoo's acquisition of startup Aviate and what that means for the enterprise, OpenPeak's cloud-based mobility tool that helps out enterprise BYOD policies and Citrix's acquisition of Framehawk to increase business app availability.

Recycled email concerns die quiet death

Nearly six months after it burst on the scene as a top privacy concern, the issue of recycled email accounts seems to have now all but disappeared.

'Some' visitors to Yahoo.com may be infected with malware

Some visitors to Yahoo.com were infected with malware over the course of a few days, says Netherlands-based security firm Fox IT.

Attackers serve up malware to Yahoo visitors at rate of 300,000 per hour

Yahoo's advertising network was recently hacked, and visitors were redirected to a malicious website at a rate of 300,000 per hour, according to Dutch security firm Fox-IT.

Yahoo still struggling to resolve email problems

Yahoo is still working to bring its email service back online, a week after trouble first started. The outage appears to be unprecedented for an organization its size, and is a major source of embarrassment to the Web pioneer that was just starting to regain its credibility.

Google loses marketshare in latest comScore stats, but Microsoft unchanged

Google lost marketshare this month, but it wasn't Microsoft that made the gains.

News Scan: Obsolete IT jobs; Cloud predictions--Did Forrester get them right?; more

Top news stories for Nov. 26, 2013.

Marissa Mayer is looking for tech journalists

Yahoo keeps trying new things and the latest is a tech journalism venture that appears to be part of an overall content-driven strategy.

Yahoo launches $15K bug bounty program in wake of earlier fiasco

Yahoo last Friday launched a bug bounty program, joining the ranks of companies such as Google, Microsoft and PayPal that already offer a monetary reward for reporting legitimate security flaws in their software.

NSA eavesdrops on communication links to Google, Yahoo data centers

The National Security Agency is able to eavesdrop on communication links to Google, Yahoo data centers, according to the latest revelation by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden reported by the Washington Post.