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Yahoo got it right... and wrong, say telework surveys

Amid the firestorm of criticism in the wake of Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer's decision to end telecommuting at the company, here's something that's actually useful: a collection of recent studies on telecommuting that demonstrate Mayer is both horribly wrong and absolutely right, assembled by Network World's Ann Bednarz.

Yahoo takes two steps back

What could be the reason for this perplexing decision on the part of an otherwise intelligent and innovative business leader?

Yahoo says no to telecommuting

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has mandated that telecommuting employees have to start working in office come June. In an internal memo that was obtained by All Things D, Mayer cited communication and collaboration as being important to the company becoming "the absolute best place to work."

Yahoo acquires Alike, but CEO Mayer looks to reduce number of Yahoo's mobile apps

Yahoo acquired Alike, a mobile app that helped users discover nearby venues and places to visit. As a result, Alike said it will shutter its iPhone and Web apps, but the company's employees will join Yahoo's mobile business.

Yahoo Mail overhaul for iOS, Android touts enhanced speed, simplicity

Yahoo unveiled a redesigned Mail client for Apple's iOS, Google's Android, Microsoft's Windows 8 desktop and the Web, promising a speedier, more streamlined user experience.

comScore: Bing breaks 16 percent market share

Microsoft broke 16 percent for the first time this month in the monthly comScore search engine market share ratings.

Yahoo acquires Stamped, will sunset its mobile recommendations app

Yahoo has purchased mobile recommendations app developer Stamped for an undisclosed sum. The acquisition is Yahoo's first since former Google executive Marissa Mayer was named Yahoo president and CEO in July.

Yahoo 'hasn't capitalized on the mobile opportunity,' CEO Mayer admits

Hosting her first earnings call as Yahoo President and CEO, Marissa Mayer admitted Monday that the company has failed to exploit opportunities in the mobile segment, pledging dramatic changes moving forward.

5 search engines that aren't Google, Bing or Yahoo

The search giants may be bigger, but they're not always better. Niche search engines have a lot to offer, and the more established players are taking cues from their smaller counterparts. Start the slideshow...

Is 12 percent energy utilization in the data center too low?

The New York Times sparked a small firestorm in the blogosphere Sunday when it ran a front-page article titled "Power, Pollution and the Internet," accusing data centers of wasting vast amounts of energy and poisoning the planet.