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Latest Headlines

Big data vendor roundup: Pure plays vs. mega vendors

Big data tools have been around for quite some time, so there are vendors out there who have a good deal of experience at getting the job done. However, there is also a strong and growing crop of smaller vendors who are worthy of consideration too. A recent report by Wikibon found that only 5 percent of the current field is made up of pure plays, or those who only supply big data tools. The remaining 95 percent of the market, as defined by revenue, are the usual big players in enterprise tech--the mega vendors such as IBM, Intel, HP, Oracle, Teradata and Fujitsu.

ComScore finds search engine market share remains virtually unchanged

No surprise, Google continued to dominate comScore's search engine market share, but there was one surprising data point from Ask.com.

Consumerization and declining security standards

A great deal of energy in the last couple years has gone into defending cloud computing and the consumerization of IT against the obvious security problems they introduce. Cutting through the buzz, Dino Londis explains how and why security standards have declined amid these new technologies. 

New Yahoo CEO to shake up search competition

comScore's monthly search engine ratings for June 2012 showed Google in the lead with 66.8 percent, followed by Microsoft at 15.6 percent and Yahoo with 13 percent. And while none of these current scores come as any big surprise, a shake up appears to be imminent. 

Google maps and location head Marissa Mayer named Yahoo CEO

Beleaguered Yahoo has named Google veteran Marissa Mayer its new CEO. Mayer, who joined Google in 1999 as just its 20 th  employee, most recently led the company's Local, Maps, and Location Services unit.

Hackers publish 450,000 unencrypted Yahoo login credentials

Yahoo has become the latest online service to suffer a massive password breach. Hacking group D33D Company has publicly posted more than 450,000 login credentials belonging to the Yahoo Contributor Network on its website.

YouSendIt integrates in Yahoo Mail

YouSendIt functionality is now built into Yahoo! email and several other popular email programs, making it much simpler to send large files in a secure fashion.

Consumer search engines display burst of innovation

In a burst of innovation, the three major search engines, all announced signifcant enhancements this month, showing that consumer search still has room to grow and that competition drives change.

Yahoo launches Axis 'search browser' for desktop, mobile platforms

Yahoo has launched the Axis "search browser" that produces visual search results as queries are typed out.

Yahoo unveils Axis visual search browser for Apple's iOS

Yahoo is launching Axis, a free app for Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) iOS platform that combines mobile search capabilities with browser-based visual results instead of conventional text links. Axis searches