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News Bytes: Motorola mulls WLAN unit sale; BlackBerry's death notice premature; more

Check out the hottest mobile IT news for Tuesday, 10/22.

Yankee Group: Mobile PoS is the new 'must have' for retailers

While mobile point of sale (mPoS) was a tool initially geared towards small merchants, it didn't take long for retailers to leverage this disruptive technology for a competitive advantage. Over the past two years, many of the nation's largest merchants have eschewed the traditional cash wrap in favor of a flexible mobile alternative. In doing so, they're finding that mobile point of sale (mPoS) isn't just a solution for combating long lines during the holidays--it's much, much more.

Enterprise demand for mobile CRM applications has more than tripled since 2007, research finds

Enterprise demand for mobile customer relationship management and sales force automation applications has more than tripled over the past five years, according to a recent report by the Yankee Group.

Yankee Group: Merchants to mobile payments--what's the value prop?

With all the hype surrounding mobile payments, it's easy to be fooled into thinking credit cards and cash are a thing of the past. Stepping foot into any major retailer, however, proves otherwise. The stark reality is that mobile payment initiatives continue to spin their wheels, largely due to the poor value proposition being sold to merchants

Yankee Group at MWC 2013: Firefox OS gains buzz, operators push for RCS

At this year's installment of Mobile World Congress (MWC), held Feb. 25-28 in Barcelona, Spain, it was clear that the mobile ecosystem is moving forward. In 2012, we wrote about how the world's largest mobility trade show demonstrated the growing importance of devices and all things mobile in consumers' lives. If that was the case last year, the 2013 show proved that we're into a new stage in the era of mobility.

Yankee Group: Mobile checkouts have a long way to go

I am not a patient person, I admit this. I recently acquired a FastLane transponder for my motorcycle because having to wait behind a caravan of drivers fumbling in their collective glove boxes for quarters at toll booths drives me loopy. Airport security is excruciating--not for the degrading nature of divulging the contents of your life to the masses, but for the rookie travelers that choke up the system.

Yankee Group: Mobile devices top US consumer electronics shopping lists

Mobile devices form the majority of the consumer electronic devices that holiday shoppers plan to buy this year. Young men are the primary forces behind the mobile devices boom, and their enthusiasm for smartphones and non-mobile HDTVs have pushed laptops down in the rankings. Yankee Group expects this trend to usher the U.S. into a post-PC era where tablets, not PCs, dominate consumer computing device ownership.

Yankee Group: Why the operator m-payment play could and should win

Two years after Isis was announced and after multiple setbacks, the operator mobile payments initiative has finally launched. Isis has been the subject of much criticism as a result of numerous delays, adherence to NFC--despite considerably momentum towards other, more available technologies--and its U-turn from an original strategy of taking on the card companies directly.

Enterprise mobility, BYOD reach tipping point, says Yankee Group

Enterprise mobility and BYOD are reaching a tipping point in 2012, noted Yankee Group principal analyst Chris Marsh.

RIM: BlackBerry App World is more profitable than Android Market

SAN FRANCISCO--Research In Motion (NASDAQ:RIMM) touted its progress on the app store scene, noting that its BlackBerry App World users now download 140 million applications per month. Here at its