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Latest Headlines

Implanted RFID chip literally opens doors at this Stockholm office complex

Office workers now have the option of implanting an RFID module into their hands to open doors, operate photocopiers.

RM vendor Iron Mountain to offer RFID-tagged cartons in 2015

Records management firm Iron Mountain announced beginning in early 2015, all the storage boxes it provides to customers will be outfitted with RFID technology.

California hiccups on big data spy-friendly RFID chips in driver's licenses

Needless to say, privacy advocates are raising holy hell about using RFID in identification documents used within U.S. borders. Why the fuss, you might ask, considering RFID is routinely embedded in numerous documents from passports and payment cards, to school IDs and library cards?

Disney combines iPads, RFID to make the place even happier

Soon Disney employees (aka cast members) will carry iPads that can verify reservation status.

20 great ideas to steal

InformationWeek.com has come up with a list of companies that are employing innovative technology ideas that are helping them go green, use voice over IP, enhance security and improve efficiency.

RFID due for an overhaul

First of all, I would like to offer my apologies for the missing Editor's Corner on Friday. Circumstances beyond my control put a grinding halt to my efforts, midstream. One of the topics that I

Court order puts a stop to Defcon talk on subway hacks

A Defcon conference talk scheduled on Sunday was canceled following a lawsuit by the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) against the three Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

RFID still on a roll

RFID is not dead. In fact, it's very much alive. The technology is being used in many commercial sectors and many private companies are now trying it on for size. It may be that RFID got some bad

QUICKLINKS: Success and troubles hit Palm's Profits; Staples expands reusable RFID;

> Success, and troubles, hit Palm's profits. Article > OTA grows up.

Mobile phone payments next

The days of the mobile phone acting primarily as a tool for voice communications are taking another step into the past with the promise of the phone as an