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Latest Headlines

Trimble adds Wi-Fi data capability to its compactor control system

The construction industry is increasingly adopting wireless technology and machine-to-machine communications to improve productivity and reduce costs. The latest example is Trimble's announcement that it is adding wireless data sharing to the latest version of its control system for soil, landfill and asphalt compactors used at construction sites.

Apple, Google and Samsung jump on the remote patient monitoring bandwagon

Apple, Google and Samsung are all moving ahead with plans to provide remote patient monitoring, which is pushing up demand for RPM devices and services.

4 tips to successfully deploy a wireless security network

Wireless technology can improve the performance of an organization's physical security system while lowering the cost and complexity of deploying cables connecting security cameras and access control systems throughout a facility.

Infographic: Bluetooth vs. NFC wireless technologies

Apple last year launched iBeacon, an indoor position system that provides the location of iOS device users and enables push notifications to be sent to the device. iBeacon, which employs Bluetooth low energy wireless technology, could also enable mobile payments at the point of sale, making it a competitor to near field communications technology.

Wireless technology opens up manufacturers to security risks

Manufacturers' increasing use of wireless technology is improving productivity but also increasing security risks, warns IHS Technology.

Spotlight: Cisco to buy Israeli-based, wireless tech firm Intucell for $475 million

Cisco Systems has agreed to buy Intucell, an Israeli-based supplier of wireless network technology, for $475 million. Intucell provides wireless network optimization software that enables mobile carriers to plan, configure, manage, optimize and heal cellular networks.

Operators need to step it up in the tablet space

Tablets may be flooding retail stores everywhere but consumers are hard-pressed to find 3G-enabled tablets, and when they do, they don't usually activate the 3G capability. A recent report from ABI

California says goodbye to half of government-issued cell phones

California Governor Jerry Brown's state is in a budget crisis; as a result, he has now directed state agencies to take back nearly 48,000 government-paid phones, or half of the 96,000 mobile phones

Verizon touts progress on LTE network

Verizon Wireless, which is expected to be the first mover in the United States when it comes to deploying the next generation of mobile technology--Long Term Evolution (LTE)--said its network tests

Getting smart on wireless in the classroom (Continued...)

(Continued from " Getting smart on wireless in the classroom ") Higher education represents the greatest near-term opportunity for wireless technology expansion, and institutions have already begun