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Latest Headlines

JDA beefs up mobile capabilities of its store operations platform for retail managers

JDA – a provider of cloud-based retail and supply chain planning and management products – announced Tuesday improved mobile capabilities for JDA Store Operations platform for retail managers.

Spotlight: Microsoft adds threat analytics, document tracking to EMS

Microsoft is adding advanced threat analytics to its Enterprise Mobility Suite, according to a report by ZDNet.

Feds propose rule regarding data collection under corporate wellness programs

As more companies use wearables as part of their wellness programs, the federal government is raising concerns about how companies use the health-related data collected by those devices.

Salesforce rides the mobile analytics wave with new app

Salesforce launched Thursday its mobile app Sales Wave Analytics that can access and analyze data from Salesforce as well as third-party data.

Smart meters: It's not just for electricity anymore

More and more water companies and utilities are using smart meters to do the same for water use. The drought in California has prompted the Long Beach Water Department to deploy smart water meters to monitor the use of water by residents and businesses in the community, according to a report by Wired.

IoT devices are widely deployed in highly regulated industries, endangering networks and data, says OpenDNS

Internet of Things devices are actively penetrating highly regulated industries, such as healthcare, energy, financial services, and retail, and infrastructure supporting those devices are vulnerable to well-known and patchable security flaws, according to a recent report from OpenDNS.

EasyJet to use drones to inspect aircraft for damages

EasyJet is looking to use drones to inspect aircraft on the ground after events, such as lightning strikes. Currently, inspections are done by humans who must get above the aircraft to view any possible damages.

Infographic: Rising use of BYOD in healthcare increases security, privacy risks

BYOD is becoming the norm in healthcare organizations, but it is also bringing with it increased risks to patient health information, according to an infographic prepared by healthcare analytics firm Caradigm.

Drone sector heats up with $3.8M investment in Sky-Futures

In what is encouraging news for the drone sector, Sky-Futures has raised £2.5 million (US$3.87 million) from London-based MMC Ventures.

Glassbeam, ThingWorx unveil integrated IoT analytics platform

Glassbeam and PTC ThingWorx have connected their platforms to form an advanced IoT analytics product for enterprises and signed up their first customer for the combined platform, VytronUS, a clinical stage medical device maker.