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Latest Headlines

Hey farmers, here are 5 wearables your cows need

Gone are the days of manually collecting data from each animal on the farm. The world of wearable technology for livestock is growing, and Modern Farmer recently outlined five wearable device that dairy farmers could attach to their cows to better track vital data like health, location and even the presence of predators that could harm them.

Enterprise smartphone data plan revenues to top $200B in 2020, says ABI

Enterprise smartphone data plan revenues for mobile operators are forecast by ABI Research to surpass $200 billion in 2020.

Spotlight: DOT earmarks $4B for self-driving cars in FY2017 spending proposal

In its fiscal year 2017 spending bill, the Department of Transportation is proposing to spend $4 billion on research and development into automated vehicle technology over the next 10 years.

DroneCloud aims to make easy work of drone management

Clue, a Tokyo-based startup, is dipping its toes into the drone world with DroneCloud, which could end up being a godsend for commercial drone operations.

Enterprises to spur strong growth in IoT big data analytics software revenue

Fueled by enterprise use, the Internet of Things' big data analytics software revenues is forecast by Strategy Analytics to reach $81 billion by 2022, up from $36 billion this year, a 12 percent compound annual grwoth rate.

Apple boasts 70% adoption rate for iOS 9

Apple's iOS 9 adoption rate is at 70 percent, according to statistics the company released this week.

HPE unveils systems to control IoT devices, analyze data at network's edge

Hewlett Packard Enterprise unveiled Wednesday a new suite of products called Edgeline to enable enterprise customers to collect, process, and analyze data collected from Internet of Things devices more effectively.

Aruba updates mobile engagement product, adds beacon analytics feature

Aruba Networks unveiled on Wednesday an update to its mobile engagement suite, which enables enterprise to manage their beacons regardless of the Wi-Fi networks they use. In addition, Aruba is adding big data analytics to enable enterprises to gather and measure data on user engagement with the beacons.

Microsoft's PowerApps enables employees to build mobile business apps without writing code

Microsoft introduced Monday its PowerApps enterprise service that enables employees to build and share their own mobile and web business apps without writing code and makes it easier for app developers and IT pros to deploy apps to employees faster.

IoT leads all sectors in highest average value per M&A deal in Q3, says EY report

Mergers and acquisitions in the Internet of Things sector posted the highest average value per deal in the third quarter of 2015, according to accounting firm EY's latest Global Technology M&A Report.