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Latest Headlines

Why IoT standards might not really matter for enterprises

With all the talk about connected refrigerators, light bulbs, thermostats and garage doors, the mass market would be forgiven for thinking that consumer companies developed the concept of the Internet of Things. But only in the last five years or so has the technology made its way into the consumer realm.

Microsoft teams with Jasper to integrate IoT platforms

Microsoft is partnering with Jasper, an Internet of Things platform provider, to integrate Microsoft Azure IoT Suite, due out later this year, with Jasper's IoT services platform.

Big Blue buys into IoT in a big way

IBM has been embracing the Internet of Things in a big way. In its latest move, Big Blue is launching a community for IoT developers to help them connect devices to the cloud and to harness data generated from those devices.

Amazon looks to reserve airspace for high-speed drone flight

If you're looking for a sci-fi film all about flying robots taking to the sky without any human interaction, I'm sure you can find one to buy on Amazon. However, if you just wait a little while, Amazon's new drone proposal may come true, and you can watch those autonomous, flying robots – better known as drones – by just leaning out the window and looking up.

Commercial, industrial use of IoT to fuel tripling of devices by 2020, says Juniper

The commercial, industrial and public services sectors are expected to fuel growth in the Internet of Things, with the number of IoT connected devices forecast by Juniper Research tripling to 38 billion units by 2020.

Google self-driving car accident results in first injury

It had to happen. For the first time, a Google self-driving car was involved in an accident that caused an injury.

Spotlight: Industrial IoT startup Sensity raises $36M in Cisco-led funding round

Sensity Systems, a startup that makes light sensory networks for industrial applications of the Internet of Things, has raised $36 million in its latest funding round led by Cisco.

Spotlight: IBM, National Instruments team on IoT test bed

IBM is joining with National Instruments to create a test bed for develop Internet of Things standards, reported InformationWeek.

More than one quarter of firms are now using M2M tech

More than a quarter of all businesses worldwide are now using machine-to-machine technology, according to the latest M2M Barometer report prepared by Circle Research for European telecom provider Vodafone.

Quantified Ag product collects and analyzes health data for cattle on the 'moove'

When you think about mobile IT, your first thought is probably not cows. But that is exactly what sensor and data platform provider Quantified Ag is doing – bringing mobile IT to the cattle industry.