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Latest Headlines

With new Chrome for Android feature, Google 'gets physical' with the Web

Google is adding native Bluetooth beacon support for its latest Chrome for Android update as part of its Physical Web initiative, the company said in a blog post.

With efficient mobile roaming, Frankfurt Airport operational goals take flight

International hub Frankfurt Airport had widespread mobile application and data access issues that made it difficult to meet its 45-minute turnaround policy for each aircraft. Fraport, the airport's owner and management company, addressed these issues by installing NetMotion Mobility mobile virtual private network software on the Toughbooks and Toughpads of its mobile workforce, explains Lee Johnson with NetMotion Wireless in this contributed article.

Regulations, cybersecurity main hurdles left for autonomous vehicles

Connected cars and autonomous vehicles are coming; it's just a matter of when and how. The technology is essentially viable, and now it's up to U.S. lawmakers, government agency officials and industry executives to come to an agreement on making these rolling mobile devices street legal.

M2M mobile data connections are forecast to soar by 2020, says Cisco

Machine-to-machine mobile data connections are forecast by Cisco to represent 26.4 percent of mobile-connected devices in 2020, up from 7.7 percent last year, and to generate 6.7 percent of total mobile traffic, up from 2.7 percent last year.

Spotlight: Comcast launches WiFi Pro that enables network management from a smartphone app

Comcast Business launched this week its new cloud-based WiFi Pro service that provides Wi-Fi network management features from a smartphone app.

Network outages disrupt Patriots' Surface tablets during critical drive

New England Patriots fans could be excused for blaming the team's loss to Denver on Sunday to sabotage of the team's network, which rendered the Patriots' Surface tablets unusable for 20 minutes during a critical scoring drive by the Broncos.

Enterprise use is helping drive rapid growth of in-building mobile data traffic, says ABI

Fueled in part by increasing enterprise use, in-building mobile data traffic is forecast by ABI Research to growth by more than 600 percent by 2020.

Wi-Fi Alliance unveils Wi-Fi solution tailored for IoT devices

The Wi-Fi Alliance on Monday launched a low power, long range Wi-Fi HaLow solution specifically designed for Internet of Things devices.

AT&T now has 25M connected devices on its network

AT&T saw tremendous growth in the number of connected devices added to its network in the third quarter of this year, bringing the total number of connected devices on its network to 25 million.

Google opens up Project Fi to data-only devices

Google announced Tuesday its Project Fi wireless carrier has started supporting data-only devices.