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Latest Headlines

UAS Registration Task Force recommends simple, free drone-user registration process

The Unmanned Aircraft Systems Registration Task Force, appointed last month by the Federal Aviation Administration to develop recommendations for a drone operator registration process, delivered its proposed rules to FAA Administrator Michael Huerta on Saturday.

Infographic: Healthcare pros use mobile devices in a big way

Healthcare professionals are increasingly using mobile devices at work, according to survey data contained an infographic prepared by Samsung Business and published on

Chicago may limit drone flight- but does that also limit drone potential?

Rules for restricting drone flights in Chicago moved forward on Thursday, which would set exceedingly strict limits on drone operators within the city.

Confusion reigns when it comes to wearables, IoT and BYOD in the enterprise

Since the emergence of wearable devices and the Internet of Things, BYOD has gotten even more complicated. Surveys conducted by Tech Pro Research, a joint venture between TechRepublic and ZDNet, over the last couple of years have shown confusion and uncertainty among companies about how to incorporate wearables and IoT devices into their BYOD plans.

Dedrone's DroneTracker helps firms protect against drone threats

While some companies are scrambling to get FAA clearance to use drones to improve their business model, other companies are concerned that drones will be used to spy on them or even cause destruction to facilities. One company that is working to address these concerns is German startup Dedrone, which has developed a civilian drone detection and tracking system called DroneTracker.

Sprint tech installs MDM software on customer's iPhone without permission

Sprint took heat from Twitters users this week for installing mobile device management software on a personal iPhone purchased by Sprint customer Johnny Kim, apparently without his permission, reported CSO's Steve Ragan.

Spotlight: Google easily finds security flaws in Samsung software used in Galaxy S6 Edge

Google has found 11 security flaws in Samsung's software on its Galaxy S6 Edge smartphone, including a number of "high-severity" problems, after only a week of investigation, reported AppleInsider.

10% of enterprises have at least 1 compromised mobile device accessing data, MobileIron finds

One in 10 enterprises has at least one compromised mobile device accessing enterprise data, and more than half of enterprises have at least one mobile device that is not in compliance with corporate security policies, according to a report released Tuesday by enterprise mobility management firm MobileIron.

Okta updates mobility management platform, adds support for Android for Work, PCs and Macs

In an effort to make its mobility management platform more IT friendly, enterprise mobility and identity management firm Okta is updating the platform to add support for Android for Work, PCs running Windows, and Apple Macs as well as launching a new set of device provisioning capabilities.

Kaspersky Lab mobile malware data will keep IT pros up at night

Kaspersky Lab just issued its quarterly threat report that is not going to make it easier for IT folks to sleep. In fact, mobile malware has increased three-fold since the the first quarter of this year.