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Latest Headlines

Wearables to be part of everyday workflow by 2020

Wearables will become a main staple for enterprises and industrial work settings by 2020, according to a report by research firm Tractica.

Fluke Networks wants a world without borders – at least for the enterprise

Fluke Networks this week unveiled an enterprise product strategy to align its portfolio with the requirements of the "borderless enterprise" – any company whose employees rely on the flow of digital information to conduct business, regardless of location or device.

Spotlight: Apple Watch maker Quanta blames labor shortage for device delays

Apple Watch maker Quanta said that a labor shortage during the Lunar New Year holding was to blaicim for the recent shortage of the sought-after wearable, DigiTimes reported.

Microsoft's latest build for Windows 10 for phones includes app store

With the latest Windows 10 Insider Preview for phones build, Microsoft is unveiling the Windows Store beta for phones, which enables users to download the Universal Office Preview apps,

Samsung reveals Project Orbis, its response to Apple Watch

Korean electronics firm Samsung has revealed details of a smartwatch it is working on that appears to be its answer to the Apple Watch.

Spotlight: Absolute embeds Persistence security tech in Android-powered Dell devices

Absolute Software is teaming with Dell to embed Absolute's Persistent security technology in Android-powered Dell mobile devices at the factory.

Employees will have to adapt to evolving mobile device interface technology

Employees are taking advantage of the convenience of working with touch-based mobile devices after spending decades using PCs with keyboards. But touch-based interfaces may be just the first phase of the mobile revolution, with other interfaces, such as voice, vibration, and eye tracking, becoming more common.

Spotlight: IoT mergers and acquisitions smash records, says 451 Research

Mergers and acquisitions in the Internet of Things market are shattering records, according to 451 Research.

Canonical teams with Microsoft, DataArt, GE and Acer on Ubuntu-based IoT products

Canonical, parent company of the open source software platform Ubuntu, announced Monday it is collaborating with Microsoft, DataArt, GE and Acer on develop new Internet of Things devices based on the Snappy Ubuntu Core--the smallest and most secure version of Ubuntu.

Zebra takes aim at enterprise targets with new Mobility DNA suite

Zebra Technologies has been loaded for enterprise bear since it spent $3.45 billion on Motorola Solutions' enterprise unit last October. On Tuesday, Zebra unveiled the latest weapons in its enterprise mobility arsenal-- its Mobility DNA enterprise mobility suite and two new rugged Android smartphones.