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Latest Headlines

Intel makes $60M investment in Chinese drone maker Yuneec

In effort to stay ahead of the drone tech curve, Intel announced this week an investment of more than $60 million in Chinese drone manufacturer Yuneec.

Fire phone goes down in flames, says report

Amazon threw its smartphones in the fire Wednesday, according to a report on The Wall Street Journal. Maybe not quite into the fire, but definitely on the back burner.

Design flaw in Samsung Galaxy Note 5 S Pen could damage phone's sensor

A design flaw in the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 stylus could end up damaging the phone, according to a report by David Ruddock of Android Police.

Microsoft HoloLens could be the new desktop

Augmented reality – or AR – platforms like HoloLens could take the place of desktops in a work environment, according to the latest information from research firm Tractica.

Many Apple devices in the enterprise are poorly secured, unmanaged

The latest news to challenge the security bona fides of Apple devices is a survey of 2,249 U.S. workers by Dimensional Research and released Monday by Centrify. The survey found management and security shortcomings when it comes to Apple device use in the enterprise.

Swatch plans to expand its smartwatch line, says CEO

Swiss watch maker Swatch is planning add smartwatch models to its Touch Zero One line, CEO Nick Hayek told a Swiss newspaper, Reuters reported Sunday.

Microsoft launches latest volley in patent licensing war with InterDigital

Microsoft and InterDigital have been battling over mobile phone patent licensing for years. In the latest skirmish, Microsoft filed a lawsuit on Thursday charging InterDigital with violating US. Antitrust law by not fairly licensing its mobile phone technology, Reuters reported.

Energy, utilities and waste treatment sectors lead way in mobile-only workforce, says Okta

While the energy, utilities and waste treatment sectors are generally considered conservative when it comes to IT, in fact those sectors lead other industries in the percentage of users logging in to work only with mobile devices.

Intel unveils security bracelet that unlocks the wearer's computer

Intel unveiled Tuesday at its developers' forum a wearable specifically designed for the enterprise – a security bracelet that authenticates the wearer and unlocks his or her computer.

Wake iOS app lets designers share work anywhere

Any designer knows that her work doesn't just appear out of thin air. It takes time to envision a design and build it to a company's liking. Sometimes that design needs extra eyes on it throughout the process. Design-sharing software Wake may be the key to getting these designs in the appropriate hands for critique.